Jalen Ramsey takes shot at Jimbo Fisher

Jun 12, 2018; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey talks to the media after returning to mandatory minicamp at TIAA Bank Field. Mandatory Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Since the conclusion of the 2018 AFC Championship game, Jalen Ramsey has never been shy to send zinger’s to anyone he so chooses.

Most of the targets Ramsey has sent shots to have been opposing QBs, and players Ramsey will go up against at the receiver position. But, even Ramsey’s former coaches have been the target of his shade. According to what Ramsey told ESPN The Magazine, he doesn’t believe Jimbo Fisher helped him learn the position of defensive back

“I expected to, and Coach [Jeremy] Pruitt expected me to,” he says of his defensive coordinator. “Nobody else did.” The obvious omission is former head coach Jimbo Fisher, now at Texas A&M. In February, when an A&M assistant tweeted a graphic touting Fisher’s record with defensive backs, Ramsey clapped back online: “He didn’t teach me not one DB technique …”

Ramsey describes Fisher, with uncharacteristic brevity, as “OK.” I tell him I’ve never met the coach. “You’re not missing out,” he replies. During Ramsey’s sophomore year, Fisher once reamed him out after he pushed a blocker into quarterback Jameis Winston, kicking him out of practice. When I bring up the incident, Ramsey starts fiddling with his phone. “Here it is — I’ve got the video,” he says. He also saved a screenshot of the SportsCenter news alert.

To add, this is not the first time Ramsey has taken a shot at the former Florida State head coach unprovoked. Ramsey shot down a promo about Fisher’s former defensive backs having success in the NFL.

While it does not seem like Ramsey took a shot at any of the players in this photo — he certainly took aim at Jimbo Fisher.

It may be fair to players to critique former coaches, but Fisher is not the DB coach. Fisher is the head coach responsible for the entire roster and coaching staff among intense recruiting as well. With all those responsibilities, teaching fundamentals may be missed. That is exactly why college teams hire coaches to teach specific positions like offensive line or defensive backs. In the end, whether Fisher teaches fundamentals or not, his formula is succeeding based on the NFL success of the former Seminoles — Ramsey included.


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